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Dorothy's Story

I first went out as a missionary in 1970. At that time I began fifteen years of service at a boarding secondary school for Zambian girls in the northwest province of Zambia. I spent the last six years there as Headmistress and then handed over to a Zambian colleague before returning to the UK. I worked in the home office of the mission (Africa Evangelical Fellowship) and then after four years became International Personnel Coordinator. I was in this position when AEF merged with SIM in 1998 and I was asked to go to SIM International in the USA, where for the last ten years I have served as International Personnel Director for SIM.

In all these years I have never had the financial resources to get into the UK housing market. I always planned to retire in the UK but nearly two years ago it became clear to me because of my mother’s growing health needs that I should now play a greater part in caring for her. I heard about WCT from a colleague in SIM who had already received help, and I applied to WCT early in 2009. Then, a year ago now I found a flat in Bury St Edmunds which is ideal for me, and located close enough to the SIM UK Office, and to my mother in northeast London, to be just right. The purchase went through in August last year and I moved into the flat in December. I cannot express strongly enough what this journey of faith has meant to me in trusting God, and receiving help from many people. I am especially grateful to WCT for taking a share in this lovely flat and enabling me to settle here.