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How to Donate to Whitefield Christian Trust

There are more mission workers who are going to need our help in the future. We have a waiting list of those who are in need of assistance. We can only continue to provide this valuable service if we have capital to invest in property.

We invite you to join with us in The Whitefield Christian Trust, to offer to those who have worked for many years in the service of God, a home of their own when they finally retire. Let us free them from this anxiety and ensure that they can relax in a home they have chosen for as long as they need it.

You can send a one-off donation. This can be made by cheque or by credit card.
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You can make regular donations through a Standing Order with your bank
Click here for a standing order form to complete

You can enhance your gift if you are a tax payer through Gift Aid. This will increase your gift by the recovery of basic rate income tax (if you pay tax at the standard rate).
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You may consider making a gift to the Trust in your will or perhaps leaving your home to the Trust to benefit someone who is without a home.
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